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is a modular off-road trailer base for diverse loads.
Suspension solutions are used to evacuate wounded from the battlefield and have been tested to carry heavy and fragile materials and equipment.
We are open to business customer enquiries for the fitting of specialised transport products.
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drawbar is adjustable to different hitch heights
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Trailer Weight net:
375 kg
Load capability:
275 kg or up to 500 kg
up to 650 kg or 750 kg
956 mm
3300 mm
1600 mm
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With its variable upper-body modular design the U1 trailer can be quickly and easily adapted to suit a range of purposes.
  • heavy materials transport
  • fragile equipment carriage
  • water tank and power generator supply
  • mobile workstation
  • loose cargo carriage
  • base camp for activities
  • mobile showroom
  • ... what else?
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welded steel construction
adjustable drawbar
multiple top modules
gas-regulated off-road suspension