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We prefer it light and simple!

Our comfort is to go anywhere! Steep, deep and narrow passes are no trouble when your caravan is small and compact. Fit all you need inside the trailer and feel the freedom of overlanding!

  • light categories: up to 550 kg & up to 750 kg
  • easy to maneuver coupled and uncoupled
  • creating active camp center
  • Our SUT is always leveled!

    Sport Utility Trailer is made to adjust to any off-road car. That's why we encourage to use adjustable hitch height drawbar and the same set of wheels like in your car. The SUT will be well leveled and can go anywhere you can!

    Psst.. notice! Now you can have two more spare wheels in case of emergency!

    We are going off the road!

    That’s why we need high clearance, independent suspension and heavy-duty shock absorbers with threaded bodies.

    Our focus is not to let your trailer stuck when your truck wants to go further!

    All trailers are customizable in terms of the choice of shock absorbers. Choose from our dumper selection.

    What we believe is what we practice!

    There is no place for coincidences! Years of travelling around Europe and beyond gave us an experience to take decisions how to master our style of overlanding.

    Each element of the trailer was design to fix the particular travelling experience. This is how we feel it, but this process will never end, so there is always a room for development.

    Let’s cooperate and help us create the trailer that will fit your needs, as well as it fit ours! Never hesitate to express your opinion. We just want to deliver the product that was made with passion and will be
    used with passion!



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