The main goal of D.Series was to be compact, light, durable and comfortable.

The daorffo|d1 trailer consist of the d1 off-road chassis and the rectangular upper body with drop-down sides, which provide easy access to equipment and working tops all around the trailer.
We just prefer to keep our stuff in the right height so we don't need to bend down too much!

Category: O1
Maximum permissible laden weight (MPLW) (DMC):

  • homologated as "up to 550 kg"
  • homologated as "up to 750 kg"

  • Dimensions:
    length (with drawbar) ~ 333 cm
    width = 158 cm
    height (no tent) = 160 cm
    working top height = 90 cm
    suspension travel = 20 cm

    Upper Body Features

    Steel constructed coffer makes the body durable and resistant to corrosion and temperature. The chest is sealed tight with replaceable rubber gaskets, which keep interior dry!

    Easy to unassemble, waterproof drop-down sides go with different finish material. Choose fitting option from our offer.

    Interior is made from waterproof plywood with stainless steel connectors. Dividers’ perforation works well with QuickFist’s attach system.

    Feel free to replace and reconfigure your sections dividers and equipment arrangement.

    Steel Roof Carrier is equipped with handles and perforation to let you attach bicycles, kayaks and whatever you need.

    It’s also designed to fit a roof tent.
    We use Autohome Overland Medium, which is 110x160 cm closed and 220x160 opened.

    Whole interior is enlighten with LED lights controlled with the Power Panel.

    Why not illuminate the chassis as well? Go with Tokyo Drift style a little and let your trailer shine!

    1. opening boards - comfortable work tops on each side

    2. maneuvering handles - maneuvering the trailer after unfastening

    3. division into sections - fitting interior option to the concept of the vehicle user

    4. screw connections - secured against unscrewing

    Camping. Utility Features

    Did you reach your destination? Let's set a camp
    and discover all the sections around your active camp center.

    Kitchen Section

    Tools Section

    Equipment Section

    & Baggage Section

    Kitchen Section

    In 2014 on the Hungarian border traffic we couldn’t have a better opportunity to fold out the kitchen worktop, play music and prepare coffee for us and the cars around.

    Kitchen section gives you 150cm worktop to feel free space while preparing any food or drinks.

    90cm kitchen shelf with rubber attachments to keep the dishes, cutlery, cutting board, bottles, boxes and other stuff at your fingertips.

    Place for a double torch gas stove with gas installation underneath the shelves.

    Easy access to a fridge on a sliding supports.

    On demand, we will install sink with a tap.

    Tools Section
    We will need an axe! …and a shovel!

    Quick access to the tools is a must!
    Why not to have them all in the sight?

    Customize your Tools Section to your needs. Fishing equipment? Hunting riffles? Tripod with a cooking pot? Yes! Let’s fit them there too!

    ...and the faces of security guards every time we open this side for border control. Priceless! :D

    Inventory Section

    120x70x50 cm inventory space for bigger stuff you don’t want to worry about with access from the front and from the kitchen side.

    We keep here the fridge on the sliding supports, but whenether we decide to take the fridge to the car we exchange it for a storage boxes.

    Electrical installation keeps the fridge connected to the power.

    Bottled water, additional tents and bags can go there as well.

    Baggage Section
    …the last but not least.

    Two sliding drawers for loose equipment like shoes, clothes, cooking pots and paper towel.

    Large shelf for camping table and 4 folding chairs with a belt attachment.

    Power Control Panel to control battery status, lights inside and outside the trailer and couple power plugs.

    Small storage space at your service. We like to fit there small extinguisher and a camping flashlight.

    Chassis Features

    The most important part of the trailer.
    Never go far without solid and reliable chassis!
    After years of testing we came out with the solution that is well respected in the overland community.

    • Galvanized and powder coated chassis (duplex) to provide durability and resistance to damage and corrosion

    • Low frame weight and short trailer dimensions
      - ease of movement in the field, reversing and turning back

    • Independent suspension and drawbar with stabilizer
      - leveling unevenness of the terrain, no bouncing effect

    • Regulated stiffness and height of the double-spring shock absorbers (Coil-Overs)
      - suspension adapts itself to the road unevenness
      - can be set manually responding to the equipment weight

    • Storage space for fuel, gas, battery and water tank between wheels - direct access, lower center of gravity

    • Equipment fastened on steel chassis guards
      - protection against damage

    d1|Chassis can be sold separately for your own upper body arrangement. In the new design the steel sheet chassis construction is 3D cut and welded.

    Driving Features

    spatial frame, stainless, CNC cut, bent and welded - flexibility and high resistance to overload

    adjustable - fit for variable height of the hook in the vehicle

    stabilized ball hitch - the trailer is holding the track, leveling tilts in curves and in sloping terrain

    Independent suspension, longitudinal trailing arms - high ground clearance, smooth work in uneven terrain

    Shock absorber:
    coilover shock absorbers with threaded bodies - height adjustment and softness of shock absorption

    parking brake / maneuvering - safe detaching of the trailer in an inclined area

    jockey wheel with lock and folded rear supports - manual leveling of the trailer

    same as in the towing vehicle (our size 265/75 R16) with replaceable hub - option of changing the trailer wheels with the car wheels